ETSU Students Robbed and Tied Up

Johnson City, TN - We've learned this afternoon that the victims of this armed robbery are three ETSU basketball players.

According to police Adam Sollazzo, J.C. Ward and Sheldon Cooley lived in the apartment.

Sollazzo and Ward were home when the incident happened.

We've learned this afternoon that the suspects used Sheldon Cooley's student I.D. to get into the apartment.

Authorities believe they found it in a mailbox. ---------------------------------------------------

Johnson City Police are on the lookout for three suspects from an armed robbery.

The report came in just before 10:00 last night. Two ETSU students who live in Buccaneer Ridge had their apartment broken into.

The two students said three black males broke into their home, showed them two pistols and bound them.

After the suspects left, the students were able to get free and use the panic button.

The suspects got away with a laptop, credit and debit cards. No one was injured.

The suspects were described as black men, ranging from ages 18 to 21, wearing hoodies and dark clothing.

If you have any information, please contact the Johnson City Police department.

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