The ROTC program at ETSU will stay open for now. And new tonight Congressman Phil Roe is sharing his relief with military men and women.

     As we first reported last month, the army decided to shut down 13-programs across the United States.

     But a call this afternoon from The Pentagon to Congressman Phil Roe announced the programs will continue for two years, under probation. One requirement is that the program graduate at least 15-officers each year.

     We spoke with Congressman Roe about the Army's decision to give ETSU's ROTC program a second chance. He says he's very happy about the decision and says a lot of cadets share the same feeling. “I spoke to the ROTC cadets a little more than a week ago and I saw a lot of disappointed faces. This is a very good cadet program with a long history, 60 years in Johnson City and ETSU and I know there are going to be a lot of happy cadets and a very happy Commander."

     Congressman Roe says ETSU plans to graduate about 20 cadets this spring and President Brian Noland issued a statement saying he's confident the program will continue to meet standards beyond 2015.

     U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander also stated today that, "This is a major victory for students at these schools, and I thank Congressmen Roe, Black, and Fincher and Senator Corker for their leadership."