Fast-moving winds and a strong storm caused trees to topple and much more in Hawkins County Wednesday night.

The National Weather Service had a crew out Thursday afternoon surveying the damage and estimate 80 to 85 mile-per-hour straight-line winds tore through Hawkins County.

Julie Burns ran into a roadblock on her way home Thursday; Ross Campground Road had been closed. A tree was blocking the road and also tore down power lines. "Absolutely no power. They were telling us power would be out until [a day later]," said Burns.

About 40 homes on Ross Campground Road had to be evacuated because of these downed lines. We learned the National Weather Service had reports of 15 to 30 trees snapped Wednesday night in Hawkins County.

A day later the road back home is open for residents as crews work to restore power and clear the road. "We're going to be checking trees, cutting trees, and rechecking trees," said Gary Murrell, Director of Hawkins County Emergency Management.

News 5 drove down Ross Campground Road to find more storm damage; that's where we met Sarah Huckaby. She was waiting on her insurance adjuster because this storm ripped the columns off her front porch. "This column we've got up temporarily just to keep [the porch roof] from falling down," added Huckaby.

Nearby trees were split in two along Big Elm Road. "We're staying real busy," said Murrell.

Emergency management officials say they're keeping a close eye on the Holston River because it's very high right now and there are flooding concerns.