Emergency workers continue through holiday

Emergency workers continue through holiday

BRISTOL, Va. - A lot of people took a break from punching the time clock on Labor Day, but some people are still hard at work.

"It's business as usual for the most part," police officer Matt Quillen said.

In fact, their departments don't ever get a day off. That's something Lieutenant J.J. Cornett knows as a firefighter.

"With emergency services, someone is here around the clock and everything, 365 days a year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, any of the holidays," Cornett said.

It's an adjustment Quillen has made over the past 18 years as a police officer.

"Holidays become another day on the work schedule. It kind of becomes the norm working on versus being off with everybody else," Quillen said.

Some holidays are harder to be away than others, but celebrations spent apart from family are still not always convenient.

"I know we kind of adjusted our schedule a little bit. We had a cookout yesterday because I knew I had to work today," Cornett said.

That work, they said, is to protect citizens.

"Citizens have needs whether it's a holiday or not a holiday. In the end, that's why we're here to provide a service to the community," Quillen said.

For firefighters, Monday is always a day of preparing for the week ahead. The fact that labor day fell on the first makes it even busier.

"That is also the day that we check all of our EMS equipment, break the seals on things that are sealed up that we don't have to go through every day," Cornett said.

A profession where a holiday means just another day on the job.

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