Elizabethton Girl Recovering After Being Struck By Parade Float

Police Say 5-Year-Old Girl Was Hit While Trying To Grab Candy

A parade float hits a young girl and sends her to the hospital. It happened last night during the Elizabethton Christmas Parade.

The family tells us the young girl is at home and recovering. News 5 talked with the little's girl's family and authorities to get the latest facts.

"A group of children came up to the float for candy, and the tire struck the little girl," says Elizabethton Police Captain Jason Shaw.

Police tell us a 5-year-old girl was hit by a float parading down the intersection of Lynn Avenue and East Elk Avenue. They say a crowd of children rushed to the float to get candy, and that's when the young girl got hit.

"Apparently the tire hit her or she fell down near the tire," says Captain Shaw.

Residents say the accident may have occurred because of the large crowd.

Peggy Usary says her grandson saw the accident, and says the young girl may have been knocked down.

"People say she was pushed under the float by other children," says Usary.

The girl was taken to the Niswonger Children's Hospital in Johnson City, Tenn. A hospital spokesman says the girl was kept overnight and treated for minor injuries.

She was released Sunday afternoon. We talked with the child's mother over the phone, and while she didn't want her daughter's name released - she did tell us this:

"There is nothing worse than watching something this tragic happen to your child and not be able to stop it. When I saw her tiny body stuck under the wheel of the float I thought I had just watched my child die. But God had his hand on her and gave her back to us."

The mother adds that without the help of others this could have been even worse. The girl's mother says she would like to thank everyone for prayers, cards and gifts, especially those who assisted with her daughter's rescue

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