Elementary Concert

Elementary Concert

Carter Co., Tenn. -
Many school children across the nation get their first introduction to the appreciation and playing of music with a little plastic recorder, a simple woodwind instrument.

Hundreds of those students got their chance to play their little recorders with the East Tennessee Regional Symphony and the Milligan College Orchestra today.

It was part of an educational outreach provided by Carnegie Hall.

Seeger Chapel on the campus of Milligan College is near capacity, not with just an audience but with musicians.

800 plus third, fourth and fifth graders from Washington County Schools. They sing and perform with their simple little recorders backed by the East Tennessee Regional Symphony and the Milligan College Orchestra.

The concert is the culmination of a semester of music education provided by the Carnegie Hall Weill Music Institute "Link Up" music program.

"They provide the curriculum for the schools, they provide the teacher guides, the student workbooks, online resources and the kids learn it throughout the semester and it culminated in a concert," Says Lori Love with the symphony.

"I visited all 11 schools and everybody was just so nice and hard working and I was thrilled at the efficiency and proficiency of the music teachers," Conductor Lewis Dalvit said.

And the hard work of the teachers and the students paid off as the concert hall rang out with the sounds of the orchestra and those little recorders.

"I've never played a recorder before flute or nothing and it was really fun to play because I've never played it before," Fifth grader Alexandria Street said.

"Like first getting the hand of it and then teaching it more and we started getting good," Fourth grader Kerrigan Swiger adds.

And from the looks on their faces they also enjoyed playing with their fellow students and the orchestra.

"You could look out and see 800 kids singing and playing their hearts out, it was so fun," Noah DeLong with Milligan College said.

And so much learning and a new appreciation of music that they'll carry with them a long time.

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