Economy forces school shut down

Economy forces school shut down

BRISTOL, Tenn. - The Academy at King in Bristol, Tenn. will soon be closing its doors for good.


37 students are currently enrolled in hopes to learn and achieve to their fullest potential, but in a few months that's all going to change.


Teachers, students, and parents like Joanne Blow say the news is hard to handle, "He felt that he could achieve many wonderful things and now it is gone."


Blow thought her family had three more years at the Academy at King, but now the search is on for an institution with similar standards.


So how did the Academy at King get to the point of no return? the economy. Enrollment hasn't grown and that means no new money, "This is still a business, so the bottom line when you don't have money from tuition; the money's just not there to continue," said School Head Becky Winegardner.


The school has looked into other options to stay open.  It lowered tuition, but now administrators don't see any way to continue.


Winegardner believes her students will be okay elsewhere, "They are highly prepared and whatever school gets them, they are getting some incredible kids."


The Academy at King will finish the school year May 24th. They will be hosting a school fair to help students adjust for next year.

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