Easter egg hunt draws crowd in Bristol

BRISTOL, Va. - The City of Bristol Virginia's Parks and Recreation Department hosted Easter festivities Saturday morning.

There was an Easter egg hunt, games, and raffle prizes available.

Mascots including the Easter Bunny, McGruff the Crime Dog, and Sparky the Fire Dog led an Easter parade. 

We talked to a few of the participants about the headline event. They each came with an egg hunting strategy. "I thought if I just keep on looking for the big prize, I wouldn't get anything, but everybody would get every little egg, and I'd have nothing in my basket," participant Brice Sinatra said.

"I was thinking if you get all the little eggs, you might come up on a big egg," fellow participant Michael Skeens added.

There were special eggs for each age group. Those winners went home with a special Easter basket.

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