Easter Egg Fight Tradition Continues In Carter County, Tenn.

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - Many folks have traditions on Easter ? and in Carter County, Tennessee, one tradition has become quite a hit.

Folks gathered in Peters Hollow Easter Sunday, and they brought dozens of eggs with them. But these eggs were not for hiding. In fact, they were for something completely different.

"We're having the annual Peter's Hollow Egg Fight,? says host Norman Peters. ?[This is] the 189th year."

That?s right, for 189 years the egg fight has been going on. It?s been a Peters family tradition. Here's how it works -- competitors tap each others hard boiled eggs. When both sides break, your egg is out. If an egg isn't cracked, it moves on to the next round.

And folks at this egg fight came ready to win. One young competitor bought 24 eggs for the event. Some even had a strategy planned out. Another young competitor said his strategy was to try to get hard eggs.

And a strategy will be important, because this egg fight has high stakes on the line. "The winner gets bragging rights,? says Norman. ?It's a prestige to win the Peters Hollow Egg Fight."

Here are the winners for the 2012 Peters Hollow Egg Fight: In the toddler division, Katie Wilson had the winning egg. In the kids division, Ryan Sexton won. In the juniors division, Carson Peters came away with the winning egg. In the adult division Wendy Honeycutt won.

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