Drug investigations culminate in a major drug roundup

BRISTOL, Va. - So far 17 people have been arrested as a part a major drug roundup.

The Bristol, Virginia Police Department's Vice and Narcotics Division presented cases to the Grand Jury early Tuesday.

The Grand Jury indicted 48 people on 112 drug charges. Click here to view the list of charges.

It was all the result of an investigation where officers worked with informants and made undercover buys. "Our narcotics division has been working on cases for several months now," said Capt. Maynard Ratcliff with the Bristol, Virginia Police Department.

Tuesday evening, more than 20 law enforcement officers with the Bristol, Virginia Police Department and Virginia State Police made arrests.

"It takes a lot of manpower to carry out one of these operations and we called in Virginia State Police to come in and help us with the investigation," said Ratcliff.

The drug charges are for possession, manufacturing and dealing.

Police say the drugs involved are crack cocaine, meth, marijuana and a variety of prescription pills.

And in the communities where the arrests took place, there are children to consider. At one apartment complex a trooper gave them chewing gum. "It's also important for us to show a little community relations with the children," said Ratcliff. "We don't want them to think we're the bad guys."

Officers tell us many of the 48 suspects were already incarcerated when the indictments were handed down. Others are now out of the jurisdiction and they are working on locating them.

Along with drugs, two suspects are charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon and one is accused of dealing drugs within a thousand feet of a school.

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