Downed power line melts hole in asphalt in Glade Spring

POSTED: 8:43 PM Apr 24 2013   UPDATED: 4:45 PM Apr 25 2013

Traffic came to a standstill this afternoon in Glade Spring, Virginia after a tree took down a power line.

Emergency workers said the wind toppled the tree on Maple Street around 4:00 p.m.

It was a dangerous situation and authorities had to cut power to the line, but before they could do that, it melted a hole in the asphalt that was several feet deep.

There was concern for nearby gas and sewer lines, but they were not damaged. "Somewhere down here is the water line and the power line, so we don't think anything has been compromised. It just super-heated the asphalt, the tar and created quite a mess," said Jarren Strong, the chief of the Glade Spring Fire Department.

Power has since been turned back on in the area.