Doggie Donation

Our local animal shelters are extremely grateful if you donate 10 pounds of dog food or a couple of old blankets to help them out.

Imagine getting a donation of 10,000 pounds of dog food plus a visit from one of the hottest country music groups in the nation. We visited with The Band Perry as they presented their generous donation.

The bright new faces of country music, The Band Perry, along with their generous donation of 10,000 pounds of Purina dog food, came to the Greeneville-Greene County Humane Society Animal Shelter today.

"It's amazing, we love to play music but we also are really feeling an overwhelming responsibility with the platform that music allows us to have. So, we felt like this was one was we could give back and partner with such great folks like Purina," said singer Kimberly Perry.

Those benefiting are scattered throughout the shelter. What you see when you visit is a private facility, no county money, no state funding all provided by donations. "All of our funding is private, we're totally privately funded, fund raisers etcetera, financial gifts, the support like the fantastic support we received from Purina and The Band Perry," says board member Todd DeHaven.

"It amazing. We were so thrilled when we found out that we were going to receive that amount of food but it'll feed out dogs for at least a year," added shelter manager Amy Bowman. And they can count on the Academy of Country Music award-winning group to continue to help. Although constantly on the road with their success, they still call Greeneville home.

"We're only home for usually like 24 hour stretches of that so we always go home, do our laundry and maybe go get some Mexican food before we head out again," said band member Reid Perry. "Cause we are gone so much, many things on the road change, there's not a lot of consistency on the road. That's the one thing we about Greeneville, it's always the same, people are the same, always nice, just like a breath of fresh air coming home," adds brother Neil Perry.

And besides their four dogs at home, there are plenty more that will welcome them back anytime.

Next Wednesday The Band Perry will perform during the 10 a.m. hour of NBC's Today Show and help announce the nominees for the CMT Music Awards for 2011.

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