Doctors urge extra precaution when using holiday fireworks

BRISTOL, Va. - While people across the country get ready celebrate he nation's independence, experts are reminding us about the importance of taking precautions when it comes to fireworks.

Bristol Regional Medical Center's Dr. Bruce Gibbon says you really need to make sure you know what your fireworks do and know how to use them.  Even some of the less dangerous fireworks, such as sparklers, can cause serious burns.

"Ice cold water will help. You want to get away from where the source of injury was. Make sure you don't have any more fireworks. As far as the eyes go, wash them with water. If you have an eye injury you ought to get seen as quickly as you can," said Dr. Gibbon.

News 5 has learned approximately 10,000 people get hurt by fireworks every year, including more than 4,000 children.

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