Displaced nursing facility residents settling in

Residents settling in

BRISTOL, Va. - Nearly 70 residents at Bristol Health and Rehabilitation Center have had to move out of their rooms in the last month.

We've reported on their funding cuts by Medicaid and Medicare after an investigation by the Tennessee Health Department, which found several issues.

But now with so many people needing a new place to call home, we learned it's been a team effort by local nursing facilities to help in the transition.

Room 106 at the Cambridge House is now Elli Walls' new home. "I haven't got everything unpacked yet. I've still got one box to bring," Elli told us.

She's one of about 25 new residents there who recently had to move out of Bristol Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Cambridge Admissions Director Velma Barr-Malcolm tells us so far it's been a simple transition because these residents were already Medicaid-approved, but the transition still requires a lot of work. "We get their medical history, copy the orders. I know a couple nurse practitioners spend extra time writing prescriptions," she explained.

At Grace Healthcare in Abingdon, we're told about 16 patients from Bristol Health and Rehabilitation Center have been moved and staff is still expecting more referrals.

We learned area nursing facilities, Medicare and Medicaid authorities, and even family members are doing all they can to make this move less of a challenge. "Everybody has worked together," said Barr-Malcom. "They've been excellent in helping each other and getting these people where they need to go, making it easy on the patient as you can."

"People so far have been nice to me, courteous," Elli told us.

Grace Healthcare tells us they've recently hired several employees from Bristol Health and Rehabilitation Center.

We've learned the Cambridge House is also accepting applications from staff at the Bristol nursing facility.

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