Day of new life and surprises for new moms

BRISTOL, Tenn. - How much money did you spend on gifts for your mom this Mother's Day weekend? A group of newborns surprised their mom with a gift that didn't break the bank.

You could call it a labor of love -- nurses with the Birthing Center at Bristol Regional Medical Center have a surprise for new moms this Mother's Day weekend. "Their first footprint on a flower pot. It's something that [new moms] can keep forever," said nurse Sandra Richardson.

It's a gift that grows alongside their newborn, since a pack of seeds is put in the flower pot.

We're told this one-of-a-kind gift is a surprise to the new mothers. "They don't know we're doing it. Then once they're getting ready to be discharged we take the pots to them," added Richardson.

First-time mom Mary McCormick had her fair share of surprises this Mother's Day. "We were planning for next week, so [our new child] Graham was a surprise. Graham came just a little bit early so we did not think he would be here on Mother's Day," she said.

McCormick is one of about 10 new moms getting to take home a new addition to their family and one of the butterfly flower pots. The new parents say it's a keepsake that money could never buy. "We hope it's made it special for them," said Richardson.

Nurses tell News 5 they got the idea for the craft from a website.

They also hope to continue making more flower pots for other holidays like Father's Day and Christmas.

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