Culinary students cook for Mother's Day

BRISTOL, Va. - Many people spend Mother's Day pampering their moms; for some, that meant giving them a break from the kitchen.

On Sunday some families went to the Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College in Bristol, Virginia to enjoy their day and give students some experience in the kitchen.

This is a yearly tradition that benefits both moms and students.

Chef Richard Erskine tells us around 200 people in the Tri-Cities chose to skip the dirty dishes and treat themselves to brunch this year. "We don't want mom to cook. So they need to go out to restaurants, we take care of them. Even restaurants that have a lot of moms working there, we know in the restaurant business we have to work to make sure we take care of other moms," he added.

We learned the students cook all of the meals and all of the tips were divided between staff, along with the college's scholarship fund.

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