Cuccinelli says he is fighting EPA regulations on coal

BRISTOL, Va. - Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli made a stop in Bristol Wednesday.

The purpose of his visit was to give local business leaders an update on government and legal issues they may be facing, but with Alpha Natural Resources' latest round of layoffs, much of the conversation turned to coal.

Cuccinelli told News 5, he believes EPA greenhouse regulations are stifling Southwest Virginia's coal industry.

"What it sets up is a whole regulatory scheme where they then go after a whole series of industries that affects coal worst of all. That seems to be the main target and so yes, we are fighting every bit of this, but part of it is going to be determined in these elections," said Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli went on to say, if these regulations continue, he believes there won't be another coal-fired power plant built in America.

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