Crumley House Financial Boost

Washington County, Tenn. -
The seriousness of brain injuries is in the spotlight these days as new research reveals links between sports injuries and concussions.

Recovery from a traumatic brain injury can take months, years maybe the rest of a person's life.

Now, a special place in Limestone that helps those with brain injuries is getting a new boost.

They're getting a six-figure boost:

Last time we visited The Crumley House Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, they were breaking ground for a five bedroom residents home.

Now that's competed, and full, but the need for even more room at the center is still growing as the number of brain injuries continue to grow.

"In the state of Tennessee we have seven thousand or more brain injuries that require hospitalization of one day or more each year. In the Tri Cities, the lower nine counties in East Tennessee we have an average of about 230 brain injuries every three months," Says executive director Guynn Edwards.

After hospitalization then what,especially in severe cases? That's what Crumley House is all about.

"It comes down to a quality of life issue and if you can keep these folks motivated and keep them doing something each day, have a reason for them to get up in the mornings and come and participate in a program like we have it give them a reason to want to continue," Edwards said.

That's why legislators from Washington County asked for 100-thousand dollars in this year's state budget and coming years for The Crumley House.

"We've got about 158 on the waiting list now and what we're trying to do is to build a new wing on the existing part of the building that we have now and we want to be able to provide about 12 more rooms for residents who need them," He explained.

And a better quality of life for those with traumatic brain injuries in our region.

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