Crash investigation underway in Gray, Tenn.

GRAY, Tn - We are working on a developing story out of Washington County, Tennessee this morning.

A large number of law enforcement personnel are on a scene on Hog Hollow Road, that's just located just off the Eastern Star Road exit on Interstate 26 just outside Gray.

This is a picture is from the scene. We don't have a lot of details about what happened, but we do believe it involves some type of crash involving this red car.

We are trying to determine more facts about led up to that crash. The events began unfolding around three this morning.

Officers from the Washington County Sheriff's Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol are both at the site. We're told by emergency personnel no one was taken to the hospital and no one died in the incident.

Troopers on scene tell our crews they are waiting for the captain of the highway patrol division to arrive. We have also contacted the public information officer in Nashville and are waiting on official details from her.

We will keep following this story throughout the morning. Hog Hollow R

oad is closed this morning while officials investigate the scene.


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