Construction continues on BCM Museum

Museum Work

BRISTOL, Va. - Even in the cold winter weather work continues in downtown Bristol at the site of the future Birthplace of Country Music Museum.

"We're still slated to open in August of 2014 and we're just plugging away on the construction and also on the content side," says Sarah Toille, a marketing assistant for the Birthplace of Country Music.

The work behind the scenes continues at BCM where they're using blogs and photos to keep music fans up to date on the construction progress.

"It's just a great way to connect with everyone, not only people in the Bristol area," adds Toille.

Back on site a cloud of dust fills the skies above Bristol. It's part of the process to remove the lead paint. Construction crews tell us the lead paint is being contained and it doesn't get into the air.

"As it's being removed you have some dust from the sodium and the stuff that the lead is a heavier component. It's being dropped and collected and it's not going into the atmosphere," says William Prince, President of BurWil Construction. 

Crews are on phase one of a three phase process, which means they're working on the core and shell of the facility, "All of the basic work inside, the slab, the stairwells, opening, plumbing, roofing, electrical."

During the next phase people passing by will notice even more changes to the downtown building. 

Crews say they're working to make sure the historical aspects of the building remain in place, while creating a state-of-the art museum to honor the musical heritage of the region.

To find out more about the construction process read the blog at


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