Conference for healthcare professionals geared towards domestic violence

BRISTOL, Tenn. - According to a local expert, one in four women is a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime.

Dr. Lynn Holden says healthcare providers need more education on the subtle warning signs of abuse. Holden is the coordinator for an event that took place Thursday.

King College, along with Bristol Regional Medical Center and Abuse Alternatives Incorporated, joined for the third annual Compassion Conference, which is themed around domestic violence.

More than 200 students and health care professionals attended to learn about the warning signs and about what to do if someone discloses they are a victim of abuse. "Since we touch the lives of many people on a daily basis, it's up to us to be able to screen properly to be able to get them the help that they need," said Holden.

Holden tells News 5 they plan to continue holding this conference to help spread awareness about domestic violence.

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