Community members gather in Johnson City to remember the fallen

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - A small crowd gathered this evening in Johnson City for a Memorial Day service.

The service took place at the Johnson City-Washington County, Tennessee Veterans' Memorial in Kiwanis Park.

We spoke with one retired Army general who said he hopes people never lose sight of why we have the Memorial Day holiday.

"They have family picnics and everything else, which is great, they should, but everyone should take a moment to remember those who made sacrifices so that we're still able to do this today," said Gen. Gary Harrell, who retired from the U.S. Army. "And it goes all the way back to 1776.  People who laid down their lives, patriots who laid down their lives for our country."

Gen. Harrell said that as we remember those who can't come home to be with their families this holiday, he hopes we also thank and help take care of the needs of those left behind.

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