Community helps out woman who lost home in fire

Community supports fire victim

BRISTOL, Va. - Becky Carrier lost everything she had, including her dog, in a house fire the night of November 24.

Bristol, Tennessee Fire Rescue believes the accidental fire started in the back of her house. Click here to read more about the fire.

She has spent the last month trying to rebuild. "I've been staying with a friend of mine," said Carrier. "People have been helping me with money, furniture, clothes."

The Bojangles' on Volunteer Parkway, where she's worked for seven years decided, to help out as well.

Every year, Bojangles' collects money for a charity during the holidays. This year, however, store manager Brett Denton asked to raise money for Becky instead.

They printed flyers telling Becky's story and posted them in the drive thru and by the register. "People have been very generous with change, people have brought in hundreds of dollars," said Denton. "Churches have collected for us, everybody has really come together for Becky."

"There's been a few that's told me it's touched their hearts. It's made them see things in a different way, and they've helped tremendously," said Carrier.

People have donated everything from cash and clothes to home goods. "People have brought furniture. A guest let us use his warehouse to store everything," said Denton.

The generosity has grown as more and more people hear about Becky's need, and people who have know her for years are pitching in too. "This store has been here for years, so we've got a lot of regulars," said Denton. "They went out on their own and collected money. People have taken it to their churches, to their homes and brought back envelopes full of money."

Becky has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness. "In this day and time, you wouldn't really think that there would be people out there that are still willing to help others, but there are. There are so many people out there that are still willing to help. Its been so amazing," she said.

Monetary donations are still being accepted at the Volunteer Parkway Bojangles'.  If you would like to help out with closes, furniture or housewares, you can call the store at 423-968-7600 to schedule a drop off.

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