Community Christmas tree lit for the season

BRISTOL, Va. -       It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in downtown Bristol! The community Christmas Tree is now lit for the season.

     Many folks came out for the annual celebration, Singing Christmas carols to candlelight, and sipping hot chocolate. The event is put on by BVU, but that's not how it started.

     33 years ago, Nancy Marney planted a 12 foot Norwegian Spruce, which is now 48 feet tall. She tells us, "It was a very big endeavor. It was all worked out mathematically - in terms of the wattage and what we could do - and that's where the utility came in. I said, 'Fellas, that's your job." And we knew how many lights we could put on without blowing out everything in downtown Bristol. And boy we skirted, we tiptoed more than once."

     There are more than 30-thousand lights on the big tree - and the newer Douglas Fir beside it.

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