Commonwealth curbside fixed

BRISTOL, Va. - A curb on Commonwealth Avenue that was causing some trouble for some has been fixed.

On Tuesday we told you about a curb that had a metal piece sticking out from it, leaving dozens with flat tires.

We learned the City of Bristol, Virginia fixed the problem by adding cement to cover it.

According to the Manager at Andy's Market, Rhonda Dickey, it has been an issue for a few years.

Dickey tells News 5 the city should do more. "I mean think they should help these people that has busted their tires, I do," said Dickey.

We spoke with Bristol, Virginia City Manager Dewey Cashwell. He said they had been planning to fix the curb for a while and decided to move it up on the agenda.

He also said people who have had tires popped could make claims through the city at their Human Resources Office, that number is 276-645-7354.

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