Colonial Heights Middle School fights rezoning

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Tenn. - Save our school, that's the message Colonial Heights Middle School is trying to send to the Sullivan County Board of Education. "We think that there's been enough school closures and we'd like to look at other ways of saving money and keeping these schools open," says organizer Dan Page.

The meeting, organized through Facebook, brought in around a hundred people all voicing their concerns.
"The safety of their children being bused across town to either go to high school or middle school," Page continues.

Last week, Sullivan County Director of Schools Jubal Yennie announced his recommendation, which included consolidating Sullivan South and Sullivan North High Schools in Kingsport, making one of them a middle school.
     North Middle would be expanded or students transferred.
     Sullivan Middle and Colonial Heights Middle Schools would be closed.
Something these residents didn't want to hear.
"It shows a big money savings, but I don't see where that's really going to help anybody in the long run. There will be loss in property value and people will be going out to take kids to other schools."

Organizers tell News 5 parents are willing to do whatever it takes for their children to continue to talk down the school's hallways.
"They're willing to put their own money towards this building to help keep it open," Page says.

They're hoping this will change the school board's mind and keep their school open for years to come.
"Hopefully we can delay the decision to be made, that would prolong it even further."

     The board of education is scheduled to vote on the issue March 28th.

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