Greene County Community Ministries says this is the best year they've ever had with donations for the Coal Fund campaign that helps keep people warm during the winter months.

Community Ministries Executive Director Carmen Ricker says in one month they received more than $100,000, which will help almost 900 families pay their heating bill.

Ricker says they set a limit of $120 per family during the heating season. She says the heating season runs from mid-November through April 30.

Ricker says the extra money is a huge help to families in need. "This program is very important to these people because if they heat with electricity. Electricity is high right now just for a regular bill, and if they get that much off on a bill it kind of helps them catch up," she said.

If you would like to donate to help with the Coal Fund campaign, you can stop by the Community Ministries Office at 107 North Cutler Street in Greeneville.. You can also send donations through the mail to P.O. Box 545, Greeneville, Tennessee.