Clothesline Project raises awareness about abuse

BRISTOL, Tenn. - A clothesline was displayed in downtown Bristol on Saturday, to raise awareness about violence against women.

The Crisis Center held it's fourth annual Clothesline Project to allow victims of sexual and domestic violence to speak out.

Guests had the chance to decorate a T-shirt with words of support for victims.

Organizer Della McGuire told us they want people to know violence isn't something they have to keep a secret.

"The idea of the clothesline is sort of a symbol," said McGuire. "In the past, the only person that a woman may have been able to reach out to or speak to was her neighbor over the clothesline, as they were talking together hanging out clothes. That's sort of changed now."

The outdoor event also featured face painting, games and prizes.

Local advocacy groups and Bristol police were present to offer advice and educate guests about the problem.

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