Cleanup continues after city hall water line breaks

Cleanup continues after city hall water line breaks

BRISTOL, Va. - Tuesday Public Works employees in Bristol, Virginia were still trying to find out why a main water line broke at city hall and how much repairs will cost.

Several fire trucks were outside of the Bristol, Virginia City Hall Tuesday morning. The city's spokesperson Jennifer Wilson tells us it's all because a main water line broke on the first floor. "It did have enough force to buckle a portion of the floor on the ground floor," says Wilson.

Wilson says the break did cause damage to the building, mostly in the hallway and mechanical room. "There is a pool of standing water. I think most of the water is probably underneath the building rather than inside the building," adds Wilson.

The fire department set up a command center in the city hall parking lot so they could manage all of their resources, including having people moving critical city records. "They are taking out voter machines, servers, files, just so those items will be safe," says Wilson.

Wilson tells us the building has been deemed structurally sound and repairs are underway now, but the cleanup could take awhile. "It's probably going to take at least 24 hours. Once we assess the damage, there could be additional changes that need to be made," adds Wilson.

While they make the repairs several departments are being relocated, including community development, planning, engineering, and others. "[We're] temporarily relocating some of the departments to some of the other city-owned buildings at this time, so there will be no interruptions in city services while this is going on," says Wilson.

Wilson tells us while repairs are being made to city hall the water and electricity will be turned off.

Wilson tells us city hall should open as normal on December 2.

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