Child credited with saving mother's life

Child credited with saving mother's life

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - Four-year-old Taylor Trammell is being called a hero and is credited with saving her mother's life. 

"My mommy wasn't feeling so good," said a humble Taylor Trammell. 

A couple of weeks ago, Taylor's mother Natacha had a blood sugar drop, causing her to slip into a diabetic coma. When Taylor couldn't wake her mom up, she called an out-of-town family member, who then called Greene County 911; but because they had recently moved, the relative could only give emergency crews a cell phone number. 

Dispatcher Jim White dialed the number and Taylor answered. 

She remembers talking with dispatchers and trying to answer their questions. "I told them my mommy was in trouble," said Taylor.

Natacha Trammell spent 12 years in the Army, served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was severely injured in a IED explosion, but it's her four-year-old daughter she calls her hero. "If it wasn't for my daughter and Greene County 911, I wouldn't be alive today. I know that for a fact," Natacha told us.

Dispatchers spent close to 30 minutes on the phone with young Taylor, trying to find out exactly where she was located. 

Emergency crews ran into another problem when they got to the door -- Taylor wasn't tall enough to unlock it. 

They eventually made it inside, but White says this is a call he'll never forget. "I had been taking live calls for one week; this was my first child in distress," said White. 

Trammell has fully recovered and is back to spending time with her two young children. 

Dispatchers say it's important for parents to begin teaching their children their address at a very early age. 

Since the call, Taylor has learned her address and phone number. 

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