Checking in on local graffiti artist

ABINGDON, Va. - On Tuesday reporter Jim Conrad introduced you to Patch Whiskey. He's a noted graffiti artist commissioned to paint a building on the campus of the William King Museum in Abingdon. Click here to read the story.

150 cans of spray paint and four days later, that work of art is now ready for display.

Patch did have a little help this week from his girlfriend and best friend. He hopes his art will weather the test of time and be an inspiration to others.
"Doing what I do out on the streets has an expiration date," he said. "It's not like a piece that's going to be in a gallery. Gallery pieces can last hundreds and hundreds of years. The stuff on the streets, not so much."

Patch grew up just down the road in Princeton, West Virginia. He's heading there next to spend some time with his family.

You could soon see some of his work in Bristol.

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