Chase, shootout suspects appear in court

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. - We have new facts this afternoon about a high-speed chase turned shootout that happened on Thursday. Click here to read that story and view photos from the scene.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol says at one point the suspect was going 115 miles per hour.

The suspects made their first appearance before a judge Friday morning. News 5 WCYB's Meredith Machen was in the courtroom to get the latest developments.

20-year-old Derrick Kitzmiller remained in jail Friday afternoon. A judge set his bond at $121,000 on all of the charges. He was appointed a public defender to represent him.

We looked through the court records and learned Trooper Jeff Appleba heard what he described as a "pop" sound as he was getting out of his cruiser when the suspect's vehicle crashed. The trooper says heard the noise again and realized gunshots were being fired at him from inside the suspect's vehicle.

That's when Trooper Appleba returned fire, firing a total of 14 rounds at the vehicle.

According to court records, Appleba recalls at least two gunshots coming from the suspect's car.

Investigators say they found a .40 caliber cartridge in the driver's seat of the suspect's vehicle, and another .40 caliber cartridge found on the passenger seat of the vehicle.

Court records identify Derrick Kitzmiller as the driver and Jennifer Russell as the passenger. Click here to view mugshots and photos from the scene

The trooper says he could see Derrick Kitzmiller sitting in the driver's seat of the vehicle talking on his cell phone after the gunfire stopped. Three handguns were recovered from the front passenger compartment of the vehicle; two guns were loaded with a bullet in the chamber.

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