Change coming to Bristol, Va. management?

BRISTOL, Va. - So far, no one has been willing to confirm the rumors that Bristol, Virginia City Manager Dewey Cashwell might be out of his post with the city.

Cashwell is still on the payroll according to Mayor Jim Steele.

"Dewey is still the city manager. He has not been fired," said Steele in a phone conversation with News 5.

Mayor Steele would not elaborate further, and directed our crew to city attorney Pete Curcio. Curcio was unable to comment on the matter.

News 5 spoke to Cashwell this afternoon. He tells News 5 he "has no comment at this time."

Recently Dewey Cashwell has been instrumental in the development of a new retail center near exit 5 in Bristol. "The Falls" will feature a Cabela's, Calhoun's, and a Smokey Mountain Brewery.

News 5 has learned there will be a City Council meeting at 8 a.m. Friday to discuss personnel matters. However, Bristol, Va. Public Information Officer Jennifer Wilson would not elaborate further as to anything specific on the meeting's agenda.

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