Cell phone tower torn down in Bristol

Cell phone tower torn down

BRISTOL, Va. - If you were near Bristol Virginia Thursday afternoon you may have heard a loud boom.

That's because the old cell phone tower located on the falls building site was pulled down today. They also had a blasting at the same time, to help the process move along. Bristol Virginia Mayor Guy Odum tells us the tower coming down has been delayed a little because of the weather, but they are still on track to turn over the pad to Cabela's on December 2nd, "We had to be very careful with what we did so we didn't disrupt the cellular communication in this area. Now that it's gone there's nothing holding us back to start blasting and removing a lot of dirt and rock on that site," adds Odum.

When the tower fell the Bristol Virginia Police Department blocked off Lee Highway and the ramps to the interstate.  Virginia State Police had a slow rolling block on the interstate as a safety precaution.

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