Celebrity chef Myron Mixon visits Bristol

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Barbecue fans at Bass Pro got a chance to meet one of the best celebrity chefs in the business Sunday.

Myron Mixon paid a visit to the store. He's a three-time barbecue world champion and a judge on Destination America's reality TV show BBQ Pitmasters. He's known as the winningest man in barbecue.

This was Myron's first trip to Bristol and says he loves the southern hospitality here. He signed autographs Sunday, and took pictures with some of his biggest fans.

Mixon tells News 5 his dad got him started in the business back when he was just nine years old, and says he's very humbled by his success.

"It's not many people that get to make a living doing what they love to do, and I love to barbeque. I'm glad they recognize and appreciate barbeque like I do, and anybody that loves barbeque, I love 'em right back," says Mixon.

Mixon is hoping to soon have his Myron Mixon Smokers sold in Bass Pro stores around the country.

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