Campgrounds report good race week

BRISTOL, Tenn. - If you drove through Bristol during race week you probably noticed campers and tents set up around the track. We learned for one campground, this was the best year they've had in a while.

All-American Campgrounds tells us this is the first time in seven years they sold out of camper spots. They tell us people were lined up early just to be able to get a spot inside.

Campground owner Sarah McCall said while the March race was pretty full, it doesn't compare to the night race in August.

McCall says they're already looking forward to next year. "I hope we sell out next year and I hope a lot of the same people come back. We had some really good campers this year for the most part. They were all really great and really nice," she said.

McCall tells us they did have a few tent spots left open this year, but they are seeing more and more people use campers instead of tents.

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