Campers get ready for Bristol Race

BRISTOL, Tenn. - The Bristol night race is back. Campers were able to move into campsites Sunday and start getting everything unloaded.

"I count down as soon as I leave until the next year," said camper David Ward.

"This is the first vacation of the year, so we look forward to it," added camper Alice Molinaro.

Some people lined up early last week to make sure they got the prime spot. "When we got here we were number 24 in line. As the week went on it started filling up, and by Friday night there were probably 100 [here]," said camper Rodger Harper.

"It's always so stressful until you get to your spot. We actually have the perfect spot this year, it's right across the back bridge," said Molinaro.

Once the campers finally get into their spot, there is a lot of work to be done. "Over the years we've learned that we actually have to come and bring a mower and cut the grass down to make it more of a homey atmosphere so you're not walking through a bunch of tall grass," added Molinaro.   

Once all the step-up is finished, it's time to have fun. We learned for a lot of people out there the best part is simply meeting up with old friends. "It's just a great place and all our friends we've met over the years come from all over. We just all get together and enjoy fellowship," says Harper.

The theme at every campsite is NASCAR, but who everyone chooses to support can even stir up rivalry between family members. "I'm a Jimmie Johnson, fan my wife is an Elliot Sadler fan, who doesn't even race with the big boys anymore, so it's just a Nationwide deal. We got another friend that's on the road who is a Kyle Busch fan. I pray for him every day," added Harper with a smile.

All of the campers we spoke with tell us even if it rains this week it will not stop the fun. They tell us their prepared for any type of weather.

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