BVU fined after fish kill in Little Creek

BRISTOL, Va. - A grease spill that killed nearly 3,000 fish in Little Creek will cost BVU nearly $1,800.

On April 28, 2014 the Virginia Board of Environmental Quality determined sewage overflowed into Little Creek due to an overflow at a manhole.

The spill killed fish within a one mile area of the creek and took the lives of six ducklings.

BVU CEO Mike Bundy told News 5 WCYB the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality fined them $640.43 to replace the fish and $1,147.90 for a state investigation into the spill.

Bundy said the BVU could be required to pay the fines in about six weeks when the state sends a consent order to them.

The grease was sent to a lab in Memphis to try and find out where the grease came from.

BVU cleaned out sewer lines and plans to more closely monitor that area in order to prevent future buildups or overflows.

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