Businesses get ready for race week

Race week business booms

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Signs of race week are popping up all over the Tri-Cities, and fans are starting to roll into the campgrounds.

Bristol is covered with "Welcome Race Fans" signs as businesses get ready for the influx of people. Campers we spoke with are happy to be in Bristol. "There's going to be six campers here and eight families," says camper Barbara Nobis.

Nobis is from Missouri. She tells us race weekend is like a family reunion, and that some people in their group are having problems getting out of the snow.

Farmer Bob's Campground Manager Lisa Bryant tells us they have had people cancel reservations due to the weather, but they are still expecting a crowd. "[We're expecting] quite a few on Thursday, and then some that were going to come on Thursday have decided to come in on Friday now. I think Friday we're going to be pretty busy," she said.

We spoke with several hotels in the area, who tell us they are completely booked for the weekend or only have a few rooms still available. That's encouraging to Pit Row Wine and Liquor manager Ronald Rasnick. "Here in the past year, you can kind of tell that it's actually starting to speed back up again. It's starting to come back up," Rasnick told us.

Rasnick tells us now they are hoping the weather will be in their favor. "If the weather is cooperative this weekend, we'll definitely see an increase in sales and just in general population of the area," he said.

Barbara Nobis says they are excited to be in Bristol no matter the weather. "We'll see how that works out, but right now it's beautiful," she said.

Ronald Rasnick tells us if the race date could be pushed back until April, he believes they would have more people come, but there's no push to do it right now. He says they will make the best of it and he's excited to see the crowd.

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