Burglar hits several vehicles outside of townhomes

BRISTOL, Va. - The Bristol, Virginia Police Department is looking for a suspect accused of breaking into five vehicles early Tuesday morning.

"I've lived in those [the] apartments for quite awhile and I've never felt unsafe until this moment," said Candice Yates.

Yates says she won't be sleeping at her Ridgecrest Town Apartment for the next couple of nights. "I'm staying at my grandmother's house," she said.

On Tuesday morning Yates discovered that someone had broken into her car while she was asleep. "My car window was broken. My purse and everything that was in the front seat of my car was gone. They went through my glove box, there was glass everywhere," said Yates.

But Yates wasn't alone -- four other vehicles in the complex were broken into around the same time Tuesday morning.

Bristol, Virginia Police Detective Sergeant Steve Crawford tells News 5 all of the victims' car doors were unlocked, except for Yates'. "[The victims] left them unlocked, and they left big-ticket items inside -- purses and stuff you shouldn't leave in a car," said Sgt. Steve Crawford.

Yates tells us after the burglar left their apartments, he bought gas with her credit card at the Roadrunner Market at Exit 7 in Bristol, Virginia. Yates tells News 5 police are reviewing the surveillance video from the gas station in hopes of identifying the person who did this.

The Bristol, Virginia Police Department tells us you should always keep a record of serial numbers and photos of your high-dollar possessions in case you are ever a victim of a crime like this.

They also urge you to always lock your car doors when it's not attended, and don't leave valuables in plain sight.

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