Bristol's famous walls painted black

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Bristol Motor Speedway seats just north of 160,000 people. It's a massive facilty and a lot of work goes into maintaining it during a race event.

Fans attending this year may notice the track looks a little different.

After hundreds of man-hours and hundreds of gallons of paint, the speedway has a new coat of paint. It's a process that has taken months to complete and only a few short hours to scratch up.

They call the Darlington track 'the lady in black,' but this weekend the walls of Bristol have gone dark according to BMS supervisor Terry King. "They really like the black paint. It really stands out. It makes the track look unique," he said. "A lot of other tracks are going to different colors. We thought black sort of fit Bristol as a 'bad boy' track."

For a track known for its rough racing, a black wall is much easier to maintain than the traditional racing white. Terry's crew was out in the wee hours of Thursday morning touching up the skid marks from the recent races at the track.

For the complete paint job, covering the walls and the apron, King estimates the track used close to 1,500 gallons of paint.

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