Bristol waste collection fills truckloads

BRISTOL, Va. - Bristol residents had the chance to get rid of old paint, fertilizers, or computers on Saturday.

Keep Bristol Beautiful held a free hazardous waste and electronics drop off for city residents.

Keep Bristol Beautiful director Kathy Lowdermilk told us events like these help keep poisonous materials out of landfills, where she says they would contaminate the water and soil.

"Batteries, lamps, microwaves, a lot of computer equipment," she described. "Computers are hard to get rid of. You want a reputable company to make sure your computer is taken care of and your information is not out there."

The electronics will go to Scott Recycling where all memory will erased. The parts will then be recycled.

If you weren't able to attend the event, hold onto the materials, Lowdermilk said.

There will be another waste drop off in April.

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