Bristol, Virginia Public Schools foundation established

The new fund raising foundation will raise money for school enrichment programs

BRISTOL, Va. - The Bristol, Virginia Public Schools Education Foundation's first community campaign is underway.

It hopes to raise money to offset post recession education cuts from the federal and state levels.

Money raised will go to school enrichment programs such as new technology, classroom supplies, scholarships and field trips. "That used to be embedded in federal and state monies that would come to the local school systems," said Executive Director Zane Myers. "It no longer exists, so we have no way to get students out into the world to see what their possibilities are and of course for students in lower and middle incomes, there's just no way for them to be mobile to get out and see what they're learning in the classroom in the real-world setting."

Foundation leaders hope to raise $15 to $30,000 for their first year. The plans are to make this an annual community fund raising campaign.

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