Bristol, Va. -


     Bristol, Virginia police are working to arrest 27 people. An investigation led to 47 indictments against those wanted-- all but one person are facing drug charges. Most of the charges involve prescription drugs. Bristol, Virginia police say their investigation also led them to meth and cocaine. One person, 22-year-old Willie T. Johnson of Bristol, Virginia was indicted for grand larceny.


Below is  a complete list of those facing charges:

Bowman, Janet M.                51        2nd Street, Bristol VA

2 counts distribution of methamphetamine, 1 count distribution of hydrocodone


Carroll, Mark A.                   24        Clinton Avenue, Bristol VA

3 counts distribution of cocaine, 1 count of conspiracy


Coleman, Tasha M.  35        Mary Street, Bristol VA

4 counts distribution of cocaine


Davis, Patience M.               33        Bristol, TN

1 counts distribution of Suboxone


Falls, Phalanda D.                34        Harmeling Street, Bristol VA

1 count distribution of hydrocodone


Gardner, James A.                45        Madison Street, Bristol VA

 2 counts distribution of hydrocodone


Garland, Amanda M.            25        Bristol, TN

1 counts distribution of hydromorphone, 1 count distribution of Suboxone