Bristol, Virginia officially has a new city manager

BRISTOL, Va. - The City of Bristol Virginia officially has a new city manager, and it's a familiar face.

Tabitha Crowder has been serving as the interim city manager for just about a year. Earlier this week she was officially named city manager.

We spoke with Crowder, and she says as city manager she plans to keep The Falls development moving forward. She says the next step is staying on schedule with the bond sales for this fall.

Crowder tells us she also wants to improve communication between the city and the public. "Recently we've started putting our agenda documents online, so those are things we want to continue forward with and eventually get to the point where we are videoing the meetings and having those online as well," she said.

Crowder also tells us she wants to continue downtown revitalization and continue the passenger rail line from Roanoke to Bristol.

Crowder is replacing former city manager Dewey Cashwell after he resigned last year.

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