Bristol, Va. makes appointments during reorganization meeting

BRISTOL, Va. - Three days after Bristol, Virginia city manager Dewey Cashwell resigned, his temporary replacement was chosen.

The City Council voted Monday morning to have public works director and current assistant city manager Tabitha Crowder to serve as interim city manager. She has been with the city for four and half years.

On Friday, former city manager Dewey Cashwell resigned. 

The mayor says the council is in no hurry to begin the search for a full-time city manager. "Sometime at a later date, we might sit down and say, 'do we need to go do a national search or do we need to just stay in-house with what we have?  Look at these two individuals and see which one we want to promote to the full-time city manager job.'  But that will be at a future date.  We're in no hurry to do that," said Bristol, Virginia mayor Guy Odom.

News 5 learned the council wants the city's other assistant city manager, Andrew Trivette to concentrate on The Falls project under development at Exit 5.

Guy Odum was chosen as mayor. He replaces Jim Steele. 

Catherine Brillhart will serve as vice mayor.

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