Bristol, TN council approves property tax hike

Tax increase for some in Bristol, TN

BRISTOL, Tenn. - People in Bristol, Tennessee could pay more property taxes now that city council approved a 6 cent increase.

City leaders reassessed half the properties this year. Overall values have fallen 17 million dollars from 2009.

To find out if your taxes are going up, look at your home's value from 2009 and now look at your homes value from 2013. If it went up, you could be paying more, if it went down you might pay less, and if it stayed the same you'll pay about the same in property taxes.

As part of the process, city leaders dropped more than $700,000 in capitol projects.

Some of the items getting the ax include $120,000 for paving projects.

$37,000 for traffic flow modifications is gone.

They pulled the plug on $45,000 for decorative lighting along Volunteer Parkway and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

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