Bristol, Tennessee council approves guns in parks

BRISTOL, Tenn. - The 2009 rules are gone. The city council of Bristol, Tennessee voted to allow people with handgun permits to bring guns to city parks.

Tuesday night's meeting was packed with people who wanted to find out how council would vote.

City Councilman Jack Young told News 5 the council  voted four to one to remove the restrictions with one big exception.

Vice Mayor Lea Powers said, "The caveat would be that any park next to school properties would still be protected and you could not carry in those specific parks, little league, Haynesfield Pool and the Holston View Parks".

Councilmember Margaret Feierabend has a different view, "My personal thought is I supported the action in 2009 and I support leaving it as it is. Nothing has changed. We don't have a lot of crime in Bristol. People feel safe. I don't think we need to have guns in our parks. I think it's unnecessary.

2009 state law allows permit holders to carry guns, but local governments have the right to amend that and make their own rules.

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