Bristol, Tenn. council looking at hiring firm to recruit new city manager

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Starting Thursday, the search is officially on for Bristol, Tennessee's new city manager.

Current city manager Jeff Broughton accepted a job last month with the Municipal Technical Advisory Service at the University of Tennessee's Institute of Public Service, and Thursday marks Broughton's last day.

Bristol, Tennessee city council member Michelle Dolan told us, right now, the council is leaning towards hiring a professional firm to recruit a new city leader rather than going through the state. "I feel that way we could get a really good pool of candidates and really the best that's available in the United States, rather than just keeping it more at a state level," said Dolan.

There's no word on how much it would cost to hire a professional firm, but Dolan said she hopes the council will approve a new hire within the next three months.

In the meantime, we're told Deputy City Manager of Public Works, Bill Sorah, will serve as interim city manager.

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