Bristol Sheriff's Deputy celebrates retirement

Bristol Sheriff's Deputy celebrates retirement

BRISTOL, Va. - Friday was the last day on the job for a Bristol, Virginia Sheriff's Deputy. Captain Billy McDaniel retired from the department after 41 years of service, a tenure with tons of trials, but tons of fun.

"It's been fabulous, awesome," McDaniel said.

McDaniel describes the past 41 years with words most of his co-workers use to describe him.

"Billy's been a man of the people. he's always been a regular guy, a very approachable straight-shooter," Sheriff Jack Weisenburger said.

McDaniel said he was the department's first black deputy, but the honor he says was to serve his hometown.

"This job is great," McDaniel said. "It's always something different to serve the citizens here in the city of Bristol."

That passion is something his boss will miss most.

"One of the biggest impacts is the consistency. The loyalty that he's shown to the Sheriff's Office. That presence after 41 years is somewhat reassuring and somewhat familiar," Weisenburger said.

Even though he retired from the department Friday, McDaniel isn't hanging up the law enforcement badge just yet.

"They've got me lined up a part-time job, hopefully maybe across the state line," McDaniel said. "I've worn brown for 40 years and now they want to use me to wear some blue."

McDaniel told us he feels like he really owes the "thank you" to the people he's been serving for 41 years.

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